I am getting an English bulldog. I think they're the greatest! They're so ugly, they're cute!(sort of like me...hehehe)

I need help naming him........

My first choice so far is Winston......
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What color is he? Is he spotted? I had an english bulldog and named him droppy becasue of his mouth.
Shrek? If he's ugly and kind! ...
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Deefor (deefor dog?)
He is mostly white with brown spots and some black speckled in here and there.
How about Churchill? If aggressive how about Maggie?
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hehehe some great choices! Thanks.
How about cuddles if he's cute and cuddly ..or ... dennis if he's a menace ; - )

You might want to check this site out:

[url="http://www.bulldoginformation.com/bulldog-names.html "]Bulldog names[/url]
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