Bump harvest = ?

The Ethiopian government has issued an urgent appeal for food aid for 3 million people. The appeal coincided with the warning from the United Nations that more than 130,000 children are already severely malnourished and their lives are at risk. In January the Ethiopian government announced that country had achieved a bump harvest and would need less food aid than previous years.

Hello Jobb

A bump is like this.
In your sentence, 'bump' is used as an adjective: a bump harvest = an abnormally high harvest.


Hi guys,
The adjective is actually 'bumper', and it's relatively rarely used, I'd say most often in the phrase 'a bumper harvest (or crop)'.
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I incline to that is the misuse of "bumper".
I would have estimated the frequency of use differently. "bumper crop" is a fairly common expression where I come from! "bump harvest" makes no sense to me, however!

I'm with you, Jim. I'm looking forward to a bumper crop of beans this year!
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Yes, but why is it called a bumper crop??

"Bumper crop of beet greens, beet greens, beet greens,
bumper crop of beet greens
all for MrP."
2. slang. anything unusually large or abundant. (cf. whopper, whacker, thumper, etc.) esp. freq. in attrib. use = exceptionally abundant or good (see also quot. 1864).

1759 Gentl. Mag. ***. 271/2 In some of the midland counties, anything large is called a bumper, as a large apple or pear. 1859 Lang Wand. India 9 Tellwell and Long...have just lost a bumper -- twenty-seven gold mohurs. 1864 G. Berkeley My Life & Recoll. I. 182 The country was immensely deep and the brook a bumper. 1864 Hotten Slang Dict. 89 A match at quoits, bowls, &c., may end in a 'bumper game', if the play and score be all on one side. 1885 Times (Weekly ed.) 2 Oct. 5/3 The floods will have the effect of giving a 'bumper' rubbee crop. 1898 Westm. Gaz. 18 Nov. 8/1 The past fortnight's bumper traffic. 1908 Daily Chron. 8 Jan. 4/4 So far as the foreign trade of this country is concerned, 1907 was a bumper year. 1955 Times 22 June 9/6 Instead of an expected crop of 600,000 bags there was a bumper crop of 1,400,000 bags.

A "bumper" is also the description of a very full glass.

"abbie had a bumper of wine"[D]
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