"Shares of the News Corporation have plunged 61 percent in the last year. By contrast, shares of Walt Disney, which unlike the News Corporation has exited old-media businesses like newspapers and radio over the last few years, shed 30 percent. Even Time Warner, a perennial underperformer, has fallen about 40 percent, over the same period. "

Should "businesses" be read in the sense of
a) an organization
b) a type of business activity


Thank you for your answer Clive!

I was looking at a dictionary:

and found entry 1a, which suggest that business activity is NOT very countable. Maybe I am reading it wrong....
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the newspaper business
the radio business

That's two types of business activity.

Thank you Clive!

So the dictionary is missing a few entries?

Learner dictionaries are always less complete.
Maybe you read it wrongly.
What does 'not very countable' mean?

I didn't look at the link.
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Thanks Clive!

So this (which I found from a newspaper) is wrong:

"Winners of “Britain’s Got Talent,” one of a host of talent shows that are among the most-watched programs in Britain, receive about $160,000 and a spot on the roster of the Royal Variety Performance, presented in front of the Queen. Their high profiles also virtually assure that they will have lucrative careers in show business. "

An article "a" or "the" is missing?

Alas, articles can be very idiomatic.Emotion: crying

We say eg He is in the newspaper business.
But we don''t say eg He is in the show business.

In other words, your phrase in red is correct.