" This database is for personal or business use only. You may not use this database for commercial purposes. "

I have come across this from a website. Is there anything wrong with this message. Because business or commercial seem referring to the same thing.

I got messed up !
I think it may mean you can't promote or advertise your company / goods whatever, to make yourself a profit, you are not allowed to trade using the database. But you can use it to help your business - get information or downloads etc.
"commercial purposes" means that you hope to gain (usually a monetary profit) from its use/distribution. with regard to software (where one most often sees this type of warning/message, it simply means you cannot make/sell copies of the the software.

"business purposes" means for use as a tool in your company (whose commercial ventures include selling products OTHER than the one where we find the warning!)
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Perhaps the sites copywriter has confused
commercial (adj.) of commerce
commercial (n.) a broadcast advertisment
Very likely, when we say ' commercial purposes ' the commercial is sure an ' adj '.
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In your opinion, the use of ' business use ' and ' commercial purposes ' in the same sentence is not contradictory ? Because they mean different things, right ?
this is correct ... a bit misleading perhaps. one might call "business" purposes "internal use" (but this sounds medical!).
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