Hi there,
i am really happy to find this forum. I am more familliar with german than with english. I have recently moved here and opened up a media agency. But im having still quite trouble writing proper emails and letters. So i would be very pleased if some of you could help me. I want to write to a printing company hoping they would give me price reduction. I am also considering to go into a long term partnership (when everything turns out of course) with them. So here is the e-mail i would like to send to them.


Dear sir/madam,
I have recently opened my own media agency named e.style. Our work is focused on creativity and style and the quality of the work we want to offer our clients are going to reflect the professionality of our Company. We want to give our clients a feeling that they receive professional and high quality prints.

So we are searching for an alternative printing company, who can offer us and our clients a good service for a reasonable price. I would be very pleased if you could make me a good offer, which could resolve into a long-term partnership. A price reduction would help my company alot at this stage and I would be pleased to include your address for your promotion on the leaflets.


I would be very pleased when you could send me a quotation as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully


Thanks alot for helping

Well if you want to ask for a quotation you need to tell them exactly what they are quoting for?
Yes. I was going to add these lines where #### is:

We need the following to be printed:

Type: Leaflet
Size: DIN A4
Full colour on both sides
Glossy or Matt preferred

Type: Letter Headings
Size: DIN A4
3 Colours