One of the professors at AUK(American University of Kuwait) has decided to change from a ten-point grade scale (100 to 90 is an A, 89 to 80 is a B, etc.) to a seven-point grade scale (100 to 93 is an A, 92 to 85 is a , etc.) The professor is trying to engourage students to put more effort into their classes by raising the requirements. What is your position on this issue? Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper stating your position and supporting it with convincing reasons.

My stand on this was that i disagreed to change the grade scale.

Cant figure out all the reasons so thought you gus wouold help me here. Can you guys please post your reasons here.

First, please tell us what your reasons are for saying that you disagree.

Best wishes, Clive
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well the reasons that i figured out was that:
1. students will try to study more, this will result only to study more and learn less. They'd rather just mug stuff up than just learning it.
2. Studying more they wouldnt have time for co-curricular activities. they have a social life.
3. Student prepares to get an A, and studies to get 90% which is qualified for an A in thhe tenpoint grade system. But when the student finds out that he/she gets a B because the new grading system requires them to get a 93%. he/she will get dissapointed and will want to fight back.

Dont know if all of the point i have in my mind will be correct, why why do you ask me the same question i asked you guys?. Please give me reasons that would help me write my letter to the editor. ( its actually meant to be a persuasive essay in a form of a letter)

Waiting for your earliest reply.
Hi Yusuf.
I have to say that I do not find your arguments very persuasive. Here are the reasons why:
1. How long do you study and how much do you learn only depends on your style of studying. I do not agree that the amount of time for studying depends on the grade system - it depends on the form of a test. If your professor wants you to write strict definitions and memorized facts, you will have to learn them no matter what grade will you receive. On the other hand, if the test is based on your understanding of the topic (if you are asked to apply your knowledge in the real situations), you need a different style of learning but not a longer time.
2. Defending yourself with social life would not be very useful - as I still remember my former professors "You are at the university to study, study and nothing else but study, so do not bother yourself with other useless activities!"Emotion: smile This may cause even more hostility...
3. I have always prepared myself to pass the test with 100 % (although I hardly ever did so) and I never knew exactly after the test how much would I score. I don't understand what does it mean to study get 90 or 93 %. What is more, I do not understand the importance of A or B, you are learning for yourself and for your future. Think about it...

Please do not treat my answer as a pure criticism, I will write you arguments I would you in your position:
1. You have started to study the subject in a form of tenpoint grade system and the conditions have changed during the course - this is not fair. Propose your professor to introduce the new sevenpoint grade system at the beginning of the next semester.
2. If your professor is the only one who uses sevenpoint grade system, this seems to be discriminative for you against other students. Claim that you have not an equal chance to acquire A or B as students in other courses do.
3. Your professor should realize that he will not improve your knowledges by introducing a stricter grade system. The only state he will achieve will be more B's instead of A's and students displeased with him.

I hope this would help you.
oh lawyee.. that was a great help.. thanks for it.. would you mind answering my otther question...
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