Question: Your company has to relocate to the other side of the city. Write an email to a friend about it. Make sure you include information about the following.

- explain the background to the situation

- describe your feelings and reactions

- ask your friend for advice on what to do

60-70 words

From : Alice Morgan <Email Removed>

To: Mrs Megan Johnson

<Email Removed>

Subject: I need your help

Dear Mrs Megan Johnson

I am writing this letter for you and hope to receive your assistance with my problem. My company is now situated in AB district but it will be relocated at CD district because of the rehabilitation of this area nextmonth. I am so nervous about this since the new office is uptown and i have to catch several bus to work. It quite inconvenient. Sometime, i work on a nightshift so i have to stay at the company and this make me feel uncomfortable. How do you think about my problem ? I would appreciate it if you can give me some useful advices.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Your sincerely

Alice Morgan


You are not approaching this writing exercise according to the instructions.

You are writing a formal business letter. The instructions say, "write an email to a friend."

When you are hanging out with your friend, do you call her Mrs. Megan Johnson? Or do you call her Megan? Does she call you Alice Morgan? Or does she call you "Alice"?

Also, the style of your letter is to a business person. It is not something you would write to a personal close friend. Your friend would know the company you are working for and other things about you.

For example:

Hi Megan,

Guess what? I just got the news that my company is moving its offices to the other side of town, to the CD district. I am very upset about this, because it means that my commute will increase by at least an hour each way. .
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Thank you so much for your instructions. I will correct it soon ❤️❤️
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Thank you so much, i will correct my letter soon ❤️❤️