Hi everyone,

I teach English as a private teacher in a company and am looking for a good business English book for my intermediate and advanced students. One of my students loaned me Berlitz' Doing Business, and I liked it quite a bit, but I can't use it, because Berlitz is also giving classes at the same company and they would kill me. Does anyone know of a similar book? I've also used "Business Matters", but the Brittish writing style sometimes confuses my students (and/or me!). Any recommendations?

Hi Alexanndra,

Here is a list of books that might be helpful to ESL teachers.

[url="http://tinyurl.com/5q3xa "]Amazon List[/url] at

Included in that list are some business related books.

Hope this helps.

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I found a couple on Amazon that are also sold at Alta ESL Books in the San Francisco area. I'll be there in December, so I'll check them out. I've discovered the descriptions are nothing like actually flipping through the books, so I'll wait!

The more I look through the Berlitz book, the more I like it. I tried to see if it was "for sale" anywhere, but it itsn't. I suppose they only sell to their own students as part of their business. I wouldn't mind working for them, except that I earn a lot more working for myself! Emotion: smile
Hi Alexandra!

I'm using Market Leader series from Longman and I'm happy with the results. I know it is British English but the books I'm using -elementary and pre-intermediate levels- are the best available from publishers like Longman, Oxford, Cambridge and Heinemann.