Hey people,
can anyone help me to find the meaning of the next expressions?
- tighter jobs market
- slip 'twixt cup and lip
- bad loan
- upbeat
- counter-cyclical fiscal expansion

Thank you in advance!
Andrea from Hungary

tighter jobs market A time when there are fewer jobs available for job-seekers
- slip 'twixt cup and lip This is not related particularly to business. It's from the proverb 'There's many a slip 'twixt (ie between) the cup and the lip'. Perhaps in business, it might mean 'Until a plan is completely executed successfully, you can't be sure it will be successful.'

bad loan a loan where it is hard or imossible to obtain repayment.
- upbeat cheerful, optimistic
- counter-cyclical fiscal expansion 'Fiscal' usually means 'financial'. 'Cyclical' refers to events that happen in a cycle, eg business is good, then bad, then good, then bad ... This expression could refer to a company that decides to expand financially at an unexpected time, to spend money on the business at a time when business is bad.

Best wishes, Clive
Thank you so so so much!! You've helped me a lot!:)