Native English Instructor

Position Description

Cheiron is looking for Native English instructors to teach English in Guangzhou, China. If you are looking to begin a rewarding career in ESL training, or would like to experience China and are looking for an interesting job, please read the information below and apply using the form at <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only.>

Job Summary

Total working hours/week: 40
Teaching hours: no more than 18
Non-teaching tasks:
- Attend teacher training sessions
- Prepare for class
- Grade computer exercises
- Help Cheiron staff design courses

Teaching Details
- What you will teach: Courses designed by ESL experts from the University of Minnesota and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Lesson plans provided.
- Where you will teach: Major universities and corporate offices in Guangzhou City.
- Who you will teach: Advanced learners (college graduates and professionals)
- How you will teach: You are expected to closely follow the objectives and guidelines in the lesson plans. You will coach and train students using multimedia aids and PowerPoint presentations.
- Who you will be working with: You will be a member of a highly professional, energetic, and ambitious team of Chinese and Western teachers, course designers, and management staff.

Wages / Benefits

Starting salary: 7,000 RMB
Plane ticket (reimbursed on completion of 1 year contract)
Paid holidays:
- National Holiday: October 1st (one week including Saturday and Sunday)
- Christmas: (3 days)
- New Years Day: (2 days)
- Chinese New Year: (one week including Saturday and Sunday)
- May Day Holiday: May 1st (one week including Saturday and Sunday)
Chinese instruction: 4 hours / week (optional)
Furnished accommodations: You are required to pay utilities and management fee

Company address: <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only.>
I am Katy for Australia. I have just come back from Guangzhou (after
living there for 6 months) and will be returning in June. My email is
[deleted please edit your profile to include your email addy. so people can
contact you. Our policy is not to allow email addresses in messages
] Please contact me.
Iam Ratna,a graduate from India.Have been throughout a merit student.and have been working as a coordinator with a Personality Development Academy where i was conducting Corporate/Business english seminars and workshops.I am in the teaching profession since 1997 june.My favourite subjects are Business english and ettiquetes and communication and Presentation skills.
I am interested in short term Job of 4,5, or 6 weeks where i could train staff,basic english teachers or conduct seminars or upgrade english programmes at various business houses.
my email adds
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I am ratna from you all want any short term english business teachers.I am an experience Business english teacher since june 1997
my email address is
Hi Ratna,

What exactly do you teach in business english? What are the target areas?Emotion: smile

My name is Luke from Australia. I have recently finished a Business Degree with a double major in Human Resource Management and also International Business at Newcastle University. I also have finished a two year management traineeship as well. I am looking to work in Ghangzhou to teach english at the start of next year. My email address is [email deleted from message by moderator. Luke, please edit your profile to include your email addy. so people can contact you. Our policy is not to allow email addresses in messages]Email Removed">

Look forward to hearing from you,


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