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How To Greeting During Job Interview?

How to greeting interviewers during job interview? Can I use " Good morning/ Good afternoon ladies and gentle man" "Nice to meet you" "How do you do?" And how to say thank...

Do Tin Numbers Show On?

Do Tin numbers show on ISA forms

Responding To A Declined Invitation?

I received a decline for an invitation for an individual to present at a conference and just can not find the right wording to respond to their email. Any suggestions would be...

You Deserve Giving Yourself A Treat?

You deserve giving yourself a treat

Always Business

I studied finance and worked in the marketing department of a telephony company. The business it gave money for us because the customer was interested in the new technology....


Does the title always end with a period. Todd, RN, BSN. ...

Fill In The Blanks With Prepositions?

The Chairman was quite satisfied __ my findings and approved __ all my suggestions.

Money Owed But Not Borrowed, Unpaid Contract...

how does one determine a fair interest rate if none is specified

Introduction Letter To A New Business...

Hi, I am writing an introductory letter to a well known firm that is specialized in logistic services after, my company, and another delivery company singed an agreement of joint...

Forty Or Fourty Which Is?

forty or fourty which is correct


What is MAC that follows MSW?


How can I say "at all times" more formal?

Savitri Communication?

pls suggest a new name of savitri communication pvt ltd.

International Trade English/ Such As Import...

Hello EF members, I am an industrial engineering student. While i am studying, i am performing a international business job. I am seeking for people who are executing international...

2 Diplomas With The Same Abbreviation...

How should I add 2 diplomas after my name, if they have the same abbreviation?

Help Me Pls. Shifting Letetr Help?

May 2017 ****************. CASTILLO College Secretary College of xxxxxxxxxxx University of the Philippines, Los BaƱos Dear Dr. Castillo: Greetings! I am xxxxx, a sophomore...

Ltd Or Ltd. Which One Is Correct?

Hello i face the problem writing any company name .. x ltd or x ltd. with or with out dot in the end. which one is correct

Why Do You Want To Improve Your English...

I am doing research about English language learners. I want to know why learners want to improve their English, if they already speak English proficiently.

Break The Circuit?

Is this understanding correct? The circuit breaker stops the flow of electricity, but if you 'break the circuit' it allows the electricity to flow. If so, it sounds strange to...

Reply To Good Wishes?

Is ths reply to someone sending good wishes for marriage ok? Thanks a lot! Your good wishes are very important to me.

Motivation Letter?

I want to write a motivation letter to a summer camp but I don't know how should I begin the letter. Is dear sir or madam too formal? Help me please :-(



I Am Preparing For English Reading Test...

Money. When you're looking for a job, that's what you want. Nevertheless, these days -- I'm sorry to say -- money doesn't grow on corporate trees. You can't clamber up the corporate...

Step To Learn English Language?

Hi. Please suggest some step to learn English

Action E-Mails Reply?

Hi friend I am nasri from srilanka I need some help to replay action e-mails please
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