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How Do I Improve My English After Scoring...

Here is a list of things I have been doing to improve my English: Reading: Quora, Novels, Economists, Kindle Listening: Radio, YouTube videos, podcasts Writing : work emails Speaking...

Ingratiation - Is That Correct?

Hi ! I have a question is that sentence correct? "He was very crafty and by ingratiation he persuaded his boss to give him a raise." I'm really curious if word "ingratiation...

People's Or Peoples'?

How is right ? "The Peoples' bank" or "The People's bank"?

Does This Sentence Make Sense?

Hi guys, Me and my company are trying to explain who we are, and wondering this sentence make sense or not. "We are a Creative Campaign Agency that focused on insightful & effective...

1Check From An Account At?

1Check from an account at PNC Same business day to cover items in nightly processing Remainder – next business day  2 Check from an account at another bank $100 - same business...

Replying Quotation?

if a acustomer asked quotation na, how will i reply to them????

English Grammer?

This has not only acutely and painfully impacted our sales but has also led to an abnormal rise in the stock levels. Does this sentence is right ?


I live in India. But, my soon-to-be-published book is purely American and English content. Should I hire an Indian PR firm or an American PR firm for effective online and offline...


I live in Spain. Is easy to understand the English in the United Kingdom?

Introducion Letter

Dear Friends, Please help me with editing of the presentation letter (in English). Would be glad to hear any advise according to your oppinion "So who we are. JustBe company...

How To Say?

£5 and £10 notes How to say? ' 5 pound and 10 pound notes' or ' 5 and 10 pound notes' ' or ' 5 and 10 pound s notes '?


is statusing a word?

How To Say When You Want To Make Someone...

For example, you are waiting for an estimate of your order from company A, but the staff in company A is waiting for A's boss to confirm the estimate as well. You want to say...

May I Write As Given In Below To My Interviewer...

dear sir, please find the attachment enclosed here for the topic given by you for preparation of an article.

I Need Help To Write?

I need help to write an essay on 'International cooperation damages economic growth.agree or disagree?'...i need to follow particular structure and need word count around 1000...

Job Mail Confirm?

How to replay job mail confirm with attachment contract after signature

Cover Letter?

Hello, Could you please help me with the last part of my cover letter for multilingual customer officer, I just can't find a way to emphasize my language skills without being repetitive...

Question Of Business?

Hello my name is cynthia I'm spanish. I am a student and I like to acquire new knowledge. I would like to know, at the moment I want to send a letter to my boss; How do you have...


Hello, my name is Paula, I'm an Administration and Finance student at a Ferrol School. I would like to ask you: " How do you say Jefe in English?" Thanks in advance.


Non-profit downtown development organization. Is non-profit no hyphenated, but instead downtown-development organization hyphenated?

Digital Marketing Slogan?

Hi Guys, I am new in Digital Marketing and I feel so stupid bec I cant make a good slogan for selling Digital Marketing Packages we offer. Im so helpless and no choice but to ask...

Attitudinal Barrier?

attitudinal barrier

Good And Bad Manners?

Good afternoon, I have been told that it is rude to give two kisses to the person we know. Where I live, in Spain, we usually do it and it is not a bad gesture. Is it more correct...

Can We Trust In New?

Can we trust in new websites intented for earn money??

Is This Correct?

I will make some juice out of veggies.
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