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Improving Powerpoint Presentation Conclusion...

Hi guys, I am preparing a business power-point presentation and would like someone to help me out in better phrasing the following as I feel the conclusion needs to be really...

Hyyy I Need A Easy?

Hyyy I need a easy of about 250 words on " VANITY GOES VAIN "

$34240.00 How To Write The?

$34240.00 how to write the sum of dollar

Abstract Of My Graduation Report?

i need your help to correct the abstract of my graduation report : "Based on a sample of listed French innovative firms for the period of 14 years (2000-2013). In order to answer...

Capital Punisment?

How do u think if capital punisment should be reintrodeced?


Hi everyone, I would like to ask for your advice. What's happening is that I am planning to run a tutoring business in my country, which will be offering both Chemistry and English...

Teaching Business English?

HI, Do you happen to know or have good business English teaching material?

Can Somebody Check It? :-)?

Hello :-) can you check this annotation, please? :-) I have a little bit mess in articles :/ I will be very happy, if somebody helps me :-) This bachelor thesis is focused...

We Have Already Discussed It?

We have already discussed it with the Landlord, he was demanding Rs.800,000/- if he takes the responsibility of repair and maintenance or deduction of rent after 2/3 years. We...

Can You Say: Have You?

Can you say: Have you received my email below?

How To Reply This Email?

Adding ......... to support here. @.........., did you manage to get your work visa (Iqama)?


Could somebody tell me all about Summer of what you do in summer because I have to do this poem about Why I love Summer. I have to do 14/fourteen lines and I have done 6/six lines...

I Have A Question?

"I will continue trying to attach my dream" Is it correct???


An increase in expected inflation

Correction Please?

Using closed chlorine vat, the currently user is poor-quality. Using Dettol for washing especially for underwear and bedspreads in laundry.

Is It Correct?

I have uploaded my manuscript in your journal website last year. I would like to know the status of it.

English Translation?

I need to know the correct translation for the following sentence: In Dutch we say "netto" prices, when we mean the prices exclude VAT (value added tax). How do I say the following...

Advice On Application Letter?

Hello everyone, I am currently applying for an intership at an international school. Since I am not a Native Speaker in English, could you please give me some advice? Thank...

SOP For Msc Finance?

hi all, i need help with writing an SOP to apply for an MSc Finance program in the UK. can you please help me out.

Hi I Am Looking For?

hi i am looking for a good answer for the following questions 1-Please explain your expectations from the higher education in Turkey and your plans for after graduation? 2-Please...

Hi Administrator. Please Check The Accuracy...

The President of APHAS Koforidua Polytechnic P O Box KF 981 16th June, 2015 Bernard Nanor Koforidua Polytechnic P O Box KF 981 Dear Sir, RE: REQUEST FOR FINANCIAL SUPPORT I...

Plural Of Work?

what is the plural of WORK.

Poor Management Performance?

For example, there is a lazy bank. Is this okay to describe how they are?: Their (the bank's) management performance is poor. (In the noun phrase, their poor management performance...

Please Correct My English-Many Thanks...

I am wondering if you could please give me the New address on the conveyancing letter attached.


OVERVIEW Dedicated and highly inquisitive analyst experienced in taking data-driven decisions with a quick learning capability, Worked on various statistical techniques including...
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