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How Do I Write $25,000?

how do I write $25,000

Please Help?

hey everyone , I found yesterday a list of ielts writing topics , so i chose one of this list and i'll share it with you , the topic 's 'Marketing and promotion is the key...

What Is The Difference Between?

What is the difference between Homerwork vs Homework I always do Homerwork

How To Write In Polite Way, Please Correct...

Dear Sir, Kindly refer below conversation. Since you know the issues we are facing to close pending 525 job orders. You are the person only aware completely more than anyone...

Sentence Transfrom?

one should keep one's promises

Plural Or Singular?

Ten year contract or ten years contract

This Question Is Not About?

this question is not about sale or selling . my question is how can the hr department decides in giving promotions.managers should actually give as they will be knowing their...

Plz Check Grammatically?

amount given to mr.ramesh against delivering the stock from saket to mathura in pk jewellers

I Want To Start My?

i want to start my own business any one can help any suggestions ? i have 60000$ and iam in usa any help would be appreciated

Would You Correct My Text ? :)?

2.2.2 Facts About Tax Financial income countries one of which is through taxes, taxes managed by the DGT (Directorate General of Taxes). DGT as the tax authorities only manage...

What Does "Run Of House" Mean?

what i could search on google was that ROH means available whatever the rooms we request. but what i m not clear is that all available rooms can be better standard or lower standard...

ROH Meaning?

ROH meaning

Domain Name SAFEDUE.COM - What Do You...

Dear English speakers, please can you advise if safedue.com domain name can be well-applicable for Internet Payment System web service? The idea of the service if to provide safe...

Commercial Issue?

run the damages. would you please help me to understand the meaning of this?

[E-Mail Correspondence] Delay In Responding...

Dear Users, Which of these would you be best to use? Which ones are incorrect and non-standard? I'm out of office today and have limited access to my email. a) There may...


what is the meaning of quote to bind

Private And Public Companies?

What is the difference between a Private company and a Public company or Corporation? I'll be waiting for your answers!

Brand Name?

Hi, I am making organic soap and need a name for it. The logo is a sketch of my soap bar and my products are purely organic and simple looking. Packaging follows the sketching...

Slogan Help?

It is a Health and Safety slogan I need -Starting with : Safety -.......... Please help

Letter Of Interest.

Hello, I am trying to draft a letter showing my interest in joining a full time position in a company, I am currently working with this company in a project but as freelancer...

What Is A Difference Between?

what is a difference between a logo and a trademark

Correct This Sentence Please!?

I want to say: "Let he does Forex trading for you" Is it correct? If not, what is the best verb i can use with (Forex trading)? Thanks.

Verb For "Forex Trading"?

Is this sentence correct: "We are doing Forex Trading to make profits"

Correct Verb?

I want to say these sentences: 1. He does car trading for you. 2 He works to gain profits for you. 3. Your account will be accrued with profits every day. Are they correct?...

Meaning Of The Sentence?

Payment must be received other than though cash on or before the date of agreement. What is this 'though cash' means?
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