I have many question , pls help me.
What is the polite way to ask my customer to pay the overdue payment ASAP?
1."Have you paid the payment?or made the payment?? or else...???
I always get the answer "The money was transferred on 1-Oct"But we didn't received money until 10-Oct.(usually we get the money next day if coustomer did pay)2.How can I ask my customer where the money is ?in the poliet way
3.Sometimes customer pay the un-overdue invoices, but actually they got much overdue amount, I feel strange how can I ask them in polite way?
4. Please help me finish, correct my sentence below
You told me $500,000 was transferred to us on 1-Oct. But we only got $5000, not as much as you mentioned in the mail.

Thank you very mcuh.

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