One of my friends has just started a new business and he wants to write a letter to his two subordinates who will be working for him very soon. He never met them before. It is a kind of very small online business, so he hired them through a common friend but never talked to them personally. So he wants to write a letter in which he wants to interoduce himself and tells them about the business in detail. Could anybody please suggest the introductory part only?
As he is the authority in the business, so it should be a little formal. Please help!
How about this:-

Dear xyz,

The purpose of this letter is to briefly introduce myself as ............(????- don't know how to introduce). Congratulations on our first step together in this business and thanks for your co-operation. I am looking forward to (your sincere involvement ??? Mountainhiker are you there?? )

I can not think any further. How to write the last line to expect sincerity from them in future, but it should not seem as an order?

Please help!
Dear John,

I look forward to starting our new business venture together. Allow me to introduce myself to you by letting you know how I like to work and what my expectations are. I will also provide more information about the company and its goals and plans.

Just go ahead and describe away....

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Many many thanks dear MountainHiker!
I will give this format to my friend. It seems to work for him.
Thanks again!