Hi! I'm from Indonesia. I need a guiding in writting a Good Bussiness letter in English
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I'm a Chinese girl. I want to know much more about how to write Bussiness letters, can you reply to me or sent a E-mail to me my address is Email Removed
Thx a lot
Try this site

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I am Chandra from Nepal. I really want to know more about latest business letter (Including: about the grammer and latest words). Do let me know or sent me mail at . Thanking you

Hi Chandra,

have you tried this site?

I want an sample bussiness letter.
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Dear everyone,

Please read the top message in this forum - the one that says READ THIS BEFORE POSTING.

Then you will see that we do not provide sample letters nor do we write letters for people.

When you have written a letter yourself, as well as you can, then post it on here and we will happily help you with your English.

I recommend you go to www.writing101.com .

hope it be useful for you.
Hi i'm from New Zealand, the best way to find out how to write bussiness letters is to write down what you have so far and structure it in a way at which you would call formal. This is how i do mine so i hope that this can help you do yours
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