I want to know more business phrases.

Are business phrases correct words?

Business phrases are senteces which are useful in business scenes, I mean.

eg. I'm sorry but Monday's schedule is a little tight.

Yes. 'business phrases' is apt. If you google the phrase, 'Business English', I think you'll find more buisness phrases than you'll ever need. Here's the [url=http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/business/talkingbusiness/unit4negotiations/1tri... ]BBC SITE[/url], for instance.
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Thanks, Mister.
It looks like this question is old, but if you are still looking for business phrases, we just put together a list. Here are a few examples. These can be helpful when you want to end a conversation:

I hate to have to run, but I should get going.
I would love to hear more about this at a later time.
I appreciate you taking the time to discuss this.
I’m afraid I need to go.
These are good, thank you!
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