I thought it was a "conjunction", is it not?

Here is the text, a text that shows "noun infinitives" used in different ways, in which "but" is catagorized as a preposition:

The noun infinitive can be a subject (To eat is fun.); a direct object (I like to eat.); a predicate nominative (A fun thing is to eat.); an appositive (My hope, to travel, never happened.); an object of a preposition (I want nothing but to save.)

Any comments? Thanks.

The most frequent use of but is as a conjunction.
I wanted to buy the car, but I couldn't afford it.
But it is also used as a preposition meaning except:
Nobody [but / except] you can explain it.
All the boys [but / except] Jake passed the test.
Tell everyone [but / except] Sally what happened.

Does that answer it for you?

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Yes, it does. Thank you Jim.
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it is a conjunction, but another website says it is a preposition ? i am so confusedEmotion: indifferent
But is a prepostition, but it is also a conjunction.
AnonymousBut is a prepostition, but it is also a conjunction.
It actually belongs to four categories:

It's a coordinator in He tried but failed.
A preposition in I couldn't have done it but for your help.
An adverb in He is but a child.
A noun in Let's have no more buts.

It's a versatile little word, isn't it?

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yes thankyou
he but I is responsible.
Anonymoushe but I is responsible.
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