my name ahmad ,, and My Best Friend ...... Emotion: sad ]]]

A child was brought into this life suffering a lot from it and carrying alot of pain. At first his father passed away when he was only four years old in the Gulf War, Kuwait. He continued his life without a father or care from a family. He was free in everything he does and sees. Evertime he gets any kind of care from any person, he goes asking about him and likes him very much and that is because his need to be taking care of. When he reached sixte
After all this love, Ahmed felt that he will lose his lover. He cried all day long and on Monday, Feb. 2nd Ahmed was staying at home and listening to some songs and suddenly His cell phone rang to hear the shock that he has never expected. His friend had an accident. He went to the hospital crying despritly, shivering and feeling lonely already, but he prayed for god and said that he will never have a life without the one he loves..
My friends goes Emotion: sad I have hard life
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Who wrote that?
That’s a sad story darlin’, I believe that too many people in the world might feel sad for the very same reason. I live in the city near a tunnel that goes under the railway bridge. Do you know that I often pass people who live on the streets when I walk to town? Men and women who live under newspapers in Wintertime. It’s really bad.

Please write lots more about home, about your friends, about school or work. Just keep writin’ it down.
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this is my story it's really story Emotion: sad
Hmmm .. sometimes you seem capable of reasonably good grammar, but other times it is atrocious!!.
Distinctly odd (to say the least).
Anyway, I wish you all the best in future.
Oh, you scamp, you fooled me – I really thought you were a poor little refugee! lol
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Aileen, you are so funny, dear. Are you Irish?
On St Patrick’s Day darlin’ but the rest of the year, I’m lots of Chinese and something near German.
am not Joking With u Okay ..
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