Hi all,

I made this line up and I was just wondering if it is grammatical and natural to say 'will soon be' instead of possibly 'will have lived here for that long soon' ?

I haven't lived here for that long yet but I'll soon be.

Thank you

Not really. Soon you'll be what?

I'll soon be a year-round resident.

I'll soon be running for the school board.

What you need to say for your meaning to come across is something like "but I will have soon [or before too much longer]"

Note that this only makes sense in response to somone who gave a specific amount of time. I've lived here for two years. Ans: I haven't yet, but it will be 2 years for me soon.

Without it being a response "that long yet" emphasizes that it's been a short time, so you can't go from emphasizing it's been short time to it being a long time "soon."
Ah, I see.

Thank you for replying, Grammar Geek.