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I was just wondering if it is consider good style to use 'but' and 'yet' together as in 'but yet'?

This is a made up sentence. She receives her parents allowances, but yet she says she would rather not get them.

Thank you

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Hi Peaceblinkfriend. "But yet" does not sound unnatrual to me, it's like "although, yet". I have seen it in one Shakespeare piece, "Macbeth". Emotion: smile
I wouldn't use the two of them together.
By the way, "allowance" doesn't take the plura.
She takes the money her parents give her, yet says she'd rather not.
She spends the allowance she gets from her parents, but she says she'd rather not get it.
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PeaceblinkfriendI was just wondering if it is consider good style to use 'but' and 'yet' together as in 'but yet'?
Not to my ear. I use "and yet" or just "but".

Google results show about 7 million hits for "but yet", 60 million for "and yet", so there's is obviously a preference for "and yet".

(parents' allowance)

I see. I learnt three things at once Emotion: smile. Thanks all for your replies.

But and yet are essentially the same coordinating conjunction. They both indicate the joining of two contrasting statements. They should not be used together for the sake of avoiding rudundancy. Shakespeare used them together, but he was using poetical license. Poets often bend, or even break, the rules of grammar in their verse.

And and yet should also not be used together. And is a coordinating conjunction that indicates the joining of two similar or additive statements. Yet indicates contrasting statements. The two really shouldn't be used together. And should be used when the second statement adds to or compliments the first statement. For example: I love flowers, and my favorite flowers are roses. The second statement adds detail to the original statement. Compared to: I love flowers, yet they upset my allergies. In this case, the second statement contrasts or conveys a somewhat conflicting idea to the first statement. Therefore, but or yet would be appropriate (but not both).

Hope that helps!
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"but yet" is redundant. "but" and "yet" mean the same thing and either word alone is sufficient. "and yet" is appropriate.
Natrual? Don't you mean natural?
Thank you, BarbaraPA! You should not use two conjunctions together.
Also, you are correct: Allowance is a word that can only be used in the singular, never plural.
Nice examples!
EVERYONE should take note.
..."but yet" is not natural.
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