The butterflies of my Life
Have spread their wings
To take flight into the oblivion
Of colorful flowers of dreams
To reach out to the heavenly
Divine beings of Love
Of eternal Time of shadows
And look out of their beady eyes
At the sensors of Godly presence
In the world of emmense tranquility
And rest in the arms of Death
Forever and forever.
Isn't that a bit morbid?
I think it is but it has been one of my spontenous poems.
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The house with Death
That was there yesterday
Diligence of honour of Life
That had been on earth
Today there is commotion
In the house
Clearing off memories
Sweeping up the Love
Stowing away the heart
Which is of no use now
Till eternity.
I didn’t know
That I had to vie with Death.
I glimpsed at her first
But death swept her away.
I Fell in Love with her
But Death consummated with her.
I wanted to forever be with her
But Death procured her
To live in his Abode.
Leaving me
Only with her memories….