Is it a good sentence: "Only the buttons will be left behind us" (I mean that when some people die only the buttons from their clothes will remain.)

Is there any other way to write it?

thank you
Not really as it does not make clear that this refers to death. It's an odd concept that only the buttons on a person's clothing survives their death. Can you explain it more?

One way of saying it> "After death, only the buttons remain."
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Maybe: «Only buttons will remain after us»
What do you think?

It's from the movie. Two guys are talking. One of them knows that they will be killed soon the other one doesn't know it yet. The first one says to the other one, it's my translation of course, that the buttons they have on them it's all that will remain after them and nothing more. Nobody will find them, only the buttons. He doesn't mention the word death.