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When I visit these forums I quite often see an Internet Explorer message "Do you want to open or save button.js from api.tweetmeme.com?". This worries me because it seems the site is trying to download something without my requesting it, and potentially without my permission were IE not blocking it. Normally I would associate such behaviour with malicious sites. Does anyone know anything about this? I am using IE10 with Win 7.
Thanks for letting us know about this..

Tweetmeme is a plugin to show the twitter button. It's not malicious, millions of sites use it of course. However it shouldn't be popping up a dialogue.

I'll look into this now, it's a bug somewhere..

It turns out the service has been discontinued, we're removing it now.

Thanks again,
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Fixed, posted this in IE9 - working fine now.

Thanks again!
I'm having this same problem now - January 2014
As far as I know we're no longer using that (as outlined above). If you could send us the url you are getitng this on, perhaps we could investigate.

Also, check for viruses.. or malware.. just in case!

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"It turns out the service has been discontinued, we're removing it now.
Thanks again, Frank."

That's nice Frank. Unfortunately, you apparently did not fix it in IE 11, running on Windows 7, as it is continuing to pop up in various sites.
hi I am currently having this issue too...which doesn't make sense seeing that it technically no longer is on use. url is http://www.simplypsychology.org/self-concept.html