Lois: The one time i actually depend on you,
and you flake on picking me up from the airport.

Clark: I'm really sorry.

Lois: Sorry? Sorry doesn't buy back (bring back?)the
last three hours i spent standing in a downpour...
...watching cheesy curbside reunions. Watching people kissing?
Clark: I can explain.

Lois: You e-mailed last night
to say you'd be there. What, do I need to tie a string
around your finger myself?
That was an American tradition to tie a string on
your finger to remind you of something, wasn't it?
Your guesses are all right.

Cheesy here means 'typical, melodramatic, sappy, cliche"...it's difficlut to explain. I often use cheesy describing predictable movies that follow all the usual methods, especially low-budget horror movies.
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I also assume that you understood 'curbside reunions' would be couples kissing 'at the curb when they meet each other after one of them had been away."
Thank you, Old Man Gordon!