I have made up the sentences below.

(1) Applicants are selected by computer.

(2) Applicants are selected by a computer.

(3) Applicants are selected by computers.

Which one is correct? Thank you very much.

ansonguyWhich one is correct?

They are all grammatically correct.

(2) involves only one computer.
(3) involves more than one computer.
(1) declines to state how many computers are involved.

In most practical situations it would not be important to specify the number of computers. Only the fact that some kind of computation is done is important. So in most cases the choice would be (1).



This might be the complete description.

Applicants are selected by a computer program which scores the answers given on the application, computes a total weighted score, and places it in an ordered list. It is a completely impartial process in that the age, gender or ethnicity of the applicant are not in the formula.