The BBC's Dumeetha Luthra in Colombo says Mr Kadirgamar has often said he was on top of the Tigers' hit list.

He travelled with a huge entourage of security forces and was the most closely guarded minister in the government.

A lawyer by training, Mr Kadirgamar was seen as a tough opponent of the Tamil Tigers. He played a key role in getting the group listed as a banned militant organisation in the US and the UK.


He is a lawyer/doctor/carpenter by profession. I have learnt to say by profession. What is the meaning of lawyer by training?

It sounds like he got some training to become a lawyer.
"A lawyer by training": he studied to be a lawyer, guess he got his degree or whatever. BUT he's not working as a lawyer, I mean was not.

(I do hope most operating lawyers got some training)
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By the same token, would you say a person is doctor by training?

Mr Kadiragarmar was a practicising lawyer. I think he changed the coat to politics, some years ago.
Yes: "he's a doctor by training, but now he works as a carpenter." "I'm a teacher by training, but now I work as a potter" Emotion: smile