Chloe: So you thing since she was stung by a whole
swarm of bees now she controls them?
Clark: It's a theory.
Chloe: Yeah, by several leaps and bounds, (She means he jumped too quick into conclusions?)
but I'll look into it.
"Leaps and bounds" is an idiom. It means "a whole lot" or "very quickly", usually with the verb "grow" or "improve"

That boy has grown by leaps and bounds this year.

This definition does not seem to fit the context, though
Ok, Madhulk, I have to ask. What TV show are these quotes from? Based on your posts it seems to me that the script writers play awfully fast and loose with the language.
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I was wondering that myself. From the hints so far (and MadHulk's by line) I was guessing superman..
You were close...
The lines are from Smallville. It's the latest incarnation of Superman.
But unlike other shows it tells the story of the young Clark Kent in the days before
he became Superman. He has all his abilities (well except flying) but he only saves
people secretly without being seen. Here's a link to the show plot.
But you guys still haven't told me what does Chloe mean.Emotion: sad
MadhulkChloe: Yeah, by several leaps and bounds, (She means he jumped too quick into conclusions

The theory is really "far out", rather extreme, given the facts.
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The dialog does use a lot of idioms, and sometimes in a rather innovative and obsure way.
I think that the "leaps and bounds" here means "with a very large stretch of the imagination". It does not mean jumping to conclusions, but that it takes an act of faith to believe its plausibility.
Thanks, guys!