"For it is BY grace you have been saved, THROUGH faith -- and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God -- not by works, so that no one can boast"

what is the difference between: "BY GRACE" and "THROUGH GRACE"
what is the difference between: "THROUGH FAITH" and "BY FAITH"

anyone may answer according his/her own understanding. ^_^
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'by' indicates the agent; 'through' indicates the medium or method. In Christian (as in most religious and legal text) it is common to rephrase a point in a variety of ways for the purposes of stress, clarification, or force. Therefore, it may be that this passage does not intend any major difference between the meanings of the paired phrases; then again, I am not a theologist.
Nice help Mister Micawber! would you mind to give me best example for me to really know if it indicates MEDIUM/METHOD or THE AGENT?

Don't worry if you are not a theologist. it just happened that i gave an example from the bible. ^_^
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The agent is what we call the subject in an active voice sentence-- the doer of the verb action:

'My bicycle was stolen by a Mesopotamian.'-- in this passive sentence, the Mesopotamian is the agent, and in its active form it would read: 'A Mesopotamian stole my bike'.

The method or medium is, welll, just what it suggests-- the way the action occurred:

'My bicycle was stolen through trickery and deceit'. Now, of course, you may find this sentence in the form: 'my bicycle was stolen by trickery and deceit', and 'trickery and deceit' remain the method, and not two agents named Trickery and Deceit. There are also other prepositions that serve these functions: via, with, etc.

Therefore, you must use raw brain power to determine logically whether the noun is an agent or a medium-- or a timespan or other adverbial.
Now I understand very clear. Thanks for your Help. I really appreciate it. May God bless you. Emotion: smile
I am always confused how to differentiate the meaning of By and Through.

For example : We are sending the documents through courier or
Weare sending the documents by courier

Through courier, we sent the documents / by courier, we sent the documents.

I believe that both are not correct, either it is BY or THROUGH courier.

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Thank you very much for your clarifications in advance

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'We sent the documents by courier' is the accepted collocation, just as we send items 'by airmail', 'by e-mail', 'by fax', 'by ship', etc.