Does anyone know the next letter in the sequence C A R R?

It is killing me.
1 2 3
Why not?
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Just trying to reverse the string - CAR

So the next two letters might be A and C. So CARRAC!

Just my 2 cents.
As in "Y".
As in C.A.R.R."Y" !
Sorry I was dense.

I see it spells the word by how do you get there?

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The choices are "S" "X" "I" and "Y".
Been working on this also... whats the final answer S X I Y?
HI guys,
Well, 'CARRY' seems to me like a very arbitrary answer to the original question.

How can you just decide 'That's the answer'? For example, it could just as easily be 'CARROT'. And why does it even have to be a word, anyway?

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