do anyone know caddillac antique cars well ?
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Does anyone know a lot about antique Cadillacs?
Emotion: smile..thank you a lot.
my english is not good, but i just want to know it, or you can answer my question ? about 1960's antique caddillacs ?
my question is about how to identify series 60, series 62, deville, eldorado, fleetwood...and so on, because they look like the same . it's confuse me .
thank you.
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This is an English language study website. Please go and find an automotive website.
oh..ok, then i want to improve my English language, how can i start ? can you help me?
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thanks, i am from Taiwan. a very small island.
Hi artist, please be careful about punctuation.
artist9768 Thanks. I am from Taiwan. a very small island.
thank you , but i don't know where is wrong ? can you tell me ?
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