Hi everyone,

I've been looking at sample tests for the CAE Exam.

Does anyone know how to actually calculate CAE Exam grades?
According to the following page,
grades are calculated using this formula: Candidate's score x 40 ÷ maximum number of possible marks.

Does "maximum number of possible marks" mean the maximum number of possible marks on each paper?

Since the maximum number of possible marks on the writing section is Band 0 - Band 5, how would I calculate the score in that case?

I'd be grateful if someone who has experience with CAE courses could help me figure out the calculation process, thank you in advance,

Here is the process for every paper:
Reading (34 questions) - Part 1, 2, 3 and 4: (questions 1-19) each correct answer receives 2 marks ,Part 2 (questions 20-34): each answer receives 1 mark
- sum up your points and then divide by 50(=maximum number of possible marks), then multiply by 40
e.g.Emotion: sad 42 points/50)*40 = 33,6
Writing - it's hard to assess yourself on this paper, but a teacher can help you
Use of English (50 questions) - Parts 1, 2, and 3: each correct answer receives 1 mark. Part 4: each correct answer receives 2 marks. Part 5: each answer receives up to 2 marks.
- sum up your marks, divide by 50, multiply by 40
e.g.(45 points/50)*40=36
Listening - each correct answer carries one mark, so just sum up your marks (let's say you have achieved 37)
Speaking - another paper where a teacher should assess you

After you finish a CAE test (Papers 1, 3 and 4), you can calculate your percentage at these papers. that's how:
All 5 papers sum up 200 points, so these 3 papers will have a maximum of 120 points (40 points*3)
-now sum up the marks you have achieved (e.g. 33,6+36+37=106,6)
-now multiply your result by 100 and then divide by 120 (e.g.(106,6*100)/120 = 88,83)

That's what i've done to know if I had made any progress. And the method was good, I've achieved 88/100 on the CAE exam.
I hope i've been of help!
Good luck!
I suppose that there are a few mistakes. The former concerns reading. Why should I divide by 50? In reading there are 53 marks. The latter is associated with Use fo English there is also 50?
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Hi, there!
Here`s my reasoning : since there are 5 Papers in CAE, and each weighs 20% of the final mark , and to get
A you need to do 80%and above
B 75-79%
C 60-74%
it means that you should do, out of the 20% for each paper:
16% in order to get an A
15% for a B and
12% for a C.

So, READING : A -at least 43 p out of 53p
B - 40 p
C - 32 p

USE OF ENGLISH : A - at least 51 p out of 63 p
B - 48 p
C - 38 p

LISTENING : A - at least 24 p out of 30 p
B - 22,5 p
C - 18 p

Irina Bicescu
And for writting?

If you want to calculate grades using the CAE courses, it's easy to do it. https://gpahub.net can help you.

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