Hi dear friends. I keep on sharing tests with you.
There is a quiz from book "English Advanced Vocabulary and structure practise" by Maciej Matacek. It's preparing for the ESOL Certificate in Advanced (CAE) (Cambridge University) . It implies an advanced level. I hope it would be useful. Have fun.

Add the suitable verbs to make the correct phrasal verbs.

1. Mike's interest in practicing karate off rather quickly and the boy started to look for a new hobby to take up.
2. The exact cost of the whole venture isn't known yet, but our best accountants have been trying to it out.
3. For some people, the situation was too tense to up with and no wonder that quite a few of them preferred to go home.
4. There was no sign indicating that the cottage had been into, yet, the owner was sure his precious paintings had been stolen.
5. 'There's no hot chocolate on the menu, sir'. ' That's all right'. ' I can  with a cup of tea instead'.
6. Luckily, the bomb which off near the bank last Friday didn't kill anyone.
7. I don't quite like the new apprentice's approach. He seems to down on the job.
8. We owe this marvelous wooden church building to the first Christian pioneers who down in this area in 16th century.
9. Our stay in the town will certainly be a good chance for Michael to visit his grandfather's birthplace, so I'm sure he'll at the opportunity.
10. Don't you think Patrick after his grandfather? They both have got equally blue eyes and blond hair.
11. If none of you is going to wear these clothes, I'll them away or donate them to charity.
12. During the Winter Olympic Games the small town village into a metropolis with thousands of visitors from all over the world.
13. I knew nothing about the treasure hidden in my garden. I across it while I was digging the earth.
14. Those naughty boys went on making terrible noise in the park even though they had been off by the annoyed constable.
15. Mr.Simpson's illegal practices enabled him to away without paying taxes for almost two years.

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Thanks for the test. Tick offwas a new expression for meEmotion: sad, but not anymoreEmotion: smile
MalinkaThanks for the test. Tick off was a new expression for me, but not anymore

Note that in AmE "ticked off" means "annoyed" and in BrE it means "chastised." Something that could cause some confusion for those who are not aware of it.
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You're welcome, Malinka. Emotion: smile Thank you Ray for expanding this.
Thanks RayH for explanation Emotion: smile
thanks friend it was a cool test. thanks alot.
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13 out of 15

I guess the likelies answer to #14 is "told off by..." (I was desperately looking for "told")

I've never heard "ticked off" used in this manner before Emotion: smile
this is the first test i took.. it's pretty informative.. i hope i could have more..
fritzeethis is the first test i took.. it's pretty informative.. i hope i could have more..

Yes, there are more here . Emotion: smile
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