Hi everyone. My CAE exam is coming and it would be of a great help to me, if somebody could check my report. Furthermore I would be happy to know your opinion about the report as a whole as well as how it would do on the exam. Thanks for your time in advance.

A school that has always had a strict school uniform policy is considering getting rid of school uniforms and allowing students to wear something more informal.

You have been asked to submit a report that outlines the main advantages and disadvantages of each policy.

Write your report.


In this report I will be trying to outline the changes that would be brought by canceling the dress code in the academy.


After many years of strict restrictions in clothing the school would become a more open and familiar place. Were we to lift these restrictions, pupils would feel more welcomed and accepted. What is most crucial is that it would bring a certain financial relief for the students as the current uniforms cost a substantial amount of money. It is of a general concern to lower the financial status required to apply for education. The lower the tuition fees had been set the higher decrease in the education quality had been observed. Therefore it is inadvisable to further reduce the yearly payments each student is obliged to pay.


On the contrary, there might be some undesirable effects to the removal of dress code. One of them could be the downfall of the establishment in the eyes of public. Not all school´s attendants are aware of the fact that their outer appearance has an non-negligible impact on the school´s profile. For this reason I would suggest to consider necessary precautions such as issuing rules to forbid unethical clothes.


To conclude, having unrestrained clothing policy could be beneficial to the academy. However, bringing about a change in dressing could harm the image of the organization.

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