Hi dear friends. I keep on sharing tests with you.
There is a quiz from book "English Advanced Vocabulary and structure practise" by Maciej Matacek. It's preparing for the ESOL Certificate in Advanced (CAE) (Cambridge University) . It implies an advanced level. I hope it would be useful. Have fun.


Replace each italicized words with a synonymous one.

It's believed that our inherited genetic characteristics play the decisive role in our being beautiful, attractive and appealing to other individuals. Although there is no clear theory on what beauty really is and how it works, the results of a recent scientific research seems to confirm the hypothesis that our facial features are determined by our brains. Their possible role is to reflect health and fertility as well as genetic superiority - the quality that people, supposedly , share with animals which, like humans, have their own sexual preferences. Most species of birds, for example, rely on the brightest colours of plumage when selecting their partners . To them, the vivid shades of the feathers indicate the potentional partner's genetic fitness to produce healthy children .
In humans, similarly, beaty shows our well-being and our sexual attractiviness, but as far as our facial characteristics are taken into account, people tend to regard as extremely charming the faces with the highest degree of symmetry. And equally effectively, the facial properties may also indicate the appeal of the whole body.
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Hey Fandorin, are you sure the test works? Emotion: smile
Hey Pucca. What are you getting at? You mean it doesn't work technically or the test itself seems to be wrong? Emotion: wink

I've checked it and it seems fine. I'm looking forward to getting an answer from you.
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I got 2 out of 15 :*_*:

14 out of 15

Are you absolutely positive about its correctness? I mean, the word "research" is not used as a counable noun.
Yep.You're right. But I checked it out and it turned up to be written in the book. Anyway, I have repaired it. Thank you for noticing.
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i got 9 out of 15 and i liked the test
i Have scored 6 of 15, there are many words that I don't know
haha i got only 8 i definitely not an advanced learner haha
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