On his visit to Egypt to meet with Cleopatra, Caesar noticed that Egyptians were using pictures instead of words when writing. Back to Roma, one day he decided to send a letter to Cleopatra to let her know how much he cared for her. Wanting to be friendly he used a few pictures in his letter instead of words. Here is the letter...

If you have trouble replacing the pictures with the correct words, see the translation below:

The translation is...

Once upon a time,I was lonely; looking for somebody; who would be like me in everyway; so that we two had something in common to do and say.Then I found you one day and said; "You will be my forever friend"; you made me so happy,you bright end up my life; we got along so well and had lots of fun in our own stride...

And now I just can not imagine what I would have done without you; for you are so wonderful,funny and sweet.You are my dream-come-true; so,dear friend,say you will always be there,to share in my good and bad times and to tell me 'You care'.

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Wait a min, i saw this a couple of days ago on a site called poffin, puffon or sumfin like that. I understood it the first time anyway but that transtation is quite helpful to others. I actually it's a very beautiful story/letter or wateva u wanna call it. it's...a true love letter. but why is it called 'Caesar's Letter to Cleopatra'?

It was explained above, Cookie??
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I know what it means and everything but why from cesar to cleopatra? why not anyone else?

who knows..
That was funny. I think Cleopatra would consider it an insult to her intelligence, though Emotion: wink


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Cookie27I know what it means and everything but why from cesar to cleopatra? why not anyone else?


OK Cookie, let's say it from Adomi to Cookie. Or better, from Romeo to Juliette? But Romeo did meet Juliette in Egypt, ..too bad..
The letter is cool, thank you Dj Bueno Emotion: wink
You're Welcome Emotion: wink Emotion: smile
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