"cake" countable or uncountable
Anonymous"cake" countable or uncountable
Lucy baked a cake. (countable) (She created an edible object with boundaries and dimensions.)
Would you like some cake? (uncountable) (Any portion of Lucy's creation taken from the object called 'a cake', regardless of size or amount.)


Frank bought a pie.
He likes pie.

Tom brought a pizza home after work.
He and his wife are going to have pizza tonight.

Sara got [a cauliflower / an eggplant] at the supermarket.
She prepared it and served it at dinner.
Would you like [some cauliflower / some eggplant]?

But caution: Not every food name works like this.

Anonymous"cake" countable or uncountable
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Hi. Have you consulted a dictionary? It can both be a countable and an uncountable noun depending on how it's used.
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Cake is countable or uncountable noun