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Have someone seen it? When my colleague was recommending me this show, he told me:" Man, be ready for the awesome jokes about sex and most off all on excellent David Duchovny". Truth be told, I was kinda doubtful about that, 'cause last thing where David Duchovny's perfomance didn't sucked were the X-Files...At least I haven't seen a good movie with him after that. I guess Californication was David's second chance and imho he grabbed it. No surprise that he won the Golden Globe for that and I strongly disagree with the opinion which I read somewhere on the internet that he won it just because he had there a sex with three womans per episode...Emotion: smile. Little introduction, David personates there Hank Moody. Hank is apessimistic and self-loathingwriter who's career is coming to an end, because his muse left him. So Hank is hanging around in Los Angeles and having...ehm..one night relations with womans...Emotion: smile. Of course, it's not just about that. The dialogs are well-written and funny. I handled whole season within the last two days and I really enjoyed that even if the english in there was total hardcore, but portal urbandictionary.com helped in almost all cases...Have someone seen Californication?...
Best scene for me...:-)

Becca (Hank's daughter) to Hank: Father...Why is there naked lady in your bedroom? There's no hair on her vagina...Do you think she's ok?

Hank: I'll check...Emotion: big smile

Here are some other scenes....


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I just saw the episode 1 last night. It is great. In the credits I found David Duchovny is one of executive producers. So I think he must be very devoted for this series. You can't miss it even for the gorgeous girls on it. Showtime's TV drama is not a little paler than hollywood's big making.
i just got hooked on Californicaton last season. I can't find anything about it now. It's like it parished from the earth. Are there any fans out there that can tell me if there's going to be another season, and when. if not, what is the best site to get the previous seasons and episodes?