Dear teachers,

If today is the last day to work for my current company, before I step out of the main door, can I say "Okay, guys. Let's call it a day." Is it a proper way to say that? What about "This is the wrap-up! Ciao, everyone. "?

Your advice is needed.


Usually, you use "Let's call it a day" at the end of ANY day, especially a long one in which you've worked hard.

"It's a wrap" means "all done" - taking from the film producton world. But it's very informal - you'd say that to your best friends at work, perhaps, to refer to the end of your job. (On the other hand, if you had worked hard to finish a project, when that was all done, you could say "Okay, everyone. That's a wrap. Good job!" It makes sense to refer to a project that's wrapped up, but not to the end of your employment.)

If you're looking for a parting line, "So long and thanks for all the memories" was used by... who was it? Bob Hope? Someone that my father would be able to tell me.
Ok. I am gonna use that line. Thanks.