This phrase gets me when I read a note when playing a game called Gone Home. I can't look it up in any dictionary.

Here is the quotation:

Sam: Hey Lonnie, sorry my mom has such a bitch last night. She hardly ever around since her forest(her mon works in forest) is like an hour away and then when she is home she takes it out on you, like because you're not a member of the family she knows you won't call her on it, and I'm sorry.
Lonnie: Ha ha, it's ok. I know she is just jealous of our cool and freewheeling lifestyles. I feel sorry for you. I'm lucky my mom lives in Florida. You have to have a mom Every Day.
Dear teachers, what does this phrase mean?Emotion: smile Thanks in advance.
she knows you won't stand up to her, tell her she shouldn't do that.
zuotengdazuo she knows you won't call her on it,
You won't tell her to her face that she has behaved very badly.
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
Oh, thank you. Your explanation makes much more sense. I thought it means "censure" or "point out the fault of" in the first place.Emotion: embarrassed
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It's another way of saying the American phrase to call someone out on something.
Thank you. So that means "you won't dare/challenge her over how she has behaved", right?Emotion: it wasnt me