If someone asked me: What do you want me to call you? Could I say to him/her: Call me anything/whatever you like. That excludes looser, moron, idiot, etc. We are talking about names. Can we use anything here?
It is hard to tell where your quote of what you could say to him/her ends. To avoid such uncertainty, I recommend that you put quotes in quotation marks or italics.

In the first sentence, both "anything" and "whatever" are fine.

Spelling: loser ("looser" means "more loose")
Gene93Call me anything/whatever you like.
(You can) call me anything you like.
(You can) call me whatever you like.

Both are correct. I sometimes resort to the very corny "You can call me anything but late to dinner".

Your question reminded me of the "Ray J. Johnson, Jr." sketch by Bill Saluga, who had his brief moment of fame some time ago.


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-What do you want me to call you?
- You can call me anything/whatever you like.

P.S. You are right. It was a typo, I am sorry.

I hope that's better Emotion: smile
I may not have properly grasped your question. If you are asking whether the invitation "Call me anything/whatever you like" carries a risk of being called "loser", "moron", etc. in response, then yes, it might, in certain circumstances. Obviously it would not in normal polite contexts.
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No, no, no. I only wanted to know if "Call me anything/whatever you like" made sense. In your first post, you say that they both sound natural to you Emotion: smile.
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