What does it mean if someone is called to peace? As in "The followers of Jesus have been called to peace"

Probably this definition of call-- to summon by or as if by divine command: 'He felt called to the ministry'.

Yes. Your mom can call you to dinner, but in this sense "call" is much more solemn.
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I still don't really get it, because I'm not sure about the peace bit. What does it mean to be summoned to peace, for example.

It means to do all in your power to promote peace, in your family, community and country, and in your inner self as well. Whenever you have a chance to act, choose the more peaceful alternative.

At least, that's what it means in my opinion.

As my friend Katie says, "Peace out." Emotion: smile

If I read that 'Tom was called to peace' without any other context, my first reaction would be to think that he had died.

It sounds like the phrase 'called to glory', which is used to mean someone has died, eg http://byfaithonline.com/page/pca-news/d-james-kennedy-called-to-glory

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Clive, that's because you don't attend church where I do. The rector earnestly reminds us almost every Sunday that we have been "called" to something or other. Sometimes peace, sometimes justice, occasionally both. Emotion: smile
I think green also means peace.