Does the applicant have experience utilizing computerized tomography?

What is the underlined part called in English grammar? Why must the -ing form be used? Is it an adverbial, a gerund form, or something different?


I want to have my house painted.

What is painted called? It is not the past tense.

Thank-you kindly for your responses or comments.
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experience utilizing computerized tomography -- Utilizing is a gerund, and the phrase is an object complement (the object of have: experience).
Have...painted is a causative verb form, and painted is a past participle used as an object complement (of house).
Thank-you very much for your prompt reply. Can you recommend a grammar book for native and near-native level speakers of English? Is there somewhere I should look on this site to learn more about advanced (to me, anyway) grammatical terms? Thank-you again, Mister Micawber.
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Thank-you for your suggestion.
Someone recently suggested that this was a "participial something"...any ideas on that?

Do gerund clauses have to have a subject or is it simply a gerund here (no clause)?
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Does the applicant have experience utilizing computerized tomography?
Some grammarians don't like the name 'gerund' and stick with 'participial form of the verb' and/or call such clauses merely ' '-ing' clauses'. If the clause serves as a noun, the -ing verb form can be called a gerund.

Utilizing tomography thrills me.
My hobby is utilizing tomography.

Such clauses don't need a subject, but have one in some constructions: His computer utilizing tomography makes it much easier for him to get his job done.
Thank-you again. Are there "schools" of thought in grammar?
Ing-form is just fine.
Many new grammars avoid the "gerund" term. Trying to separate between the gerund and the participle is sometimes something like a lost cause ...
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