Campaign stop = ?
face off against = ?

Finally, Election Day is only hours away. After months of presidential polls, campaign stops and hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising, America will know the winner. Maybe.

As thousands of lawyers face off against a backdrop of a divided nation, President Bush and Sen. John Kerry are bracing for a disputed outcome if the race is close. And unlike in 2000, the legal battles could happen in more than one state.
campaign stop = a stop at one place or another (usually a city) made by a candidate in a political campaign in order to campaign (i.e., in order to give speeches to urge those in the crowd to vote for him)

Note that "campaign" can be a noun or a verb or a noun used as an adjective.

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But face off against = ?
I forgot that one, didn't I?

Strictly speaking, it's not "face off against"; it's just "face off" and "against a backdrop of ...".

"face off" = "confront one another", "stand with faces toward each other (challenging one another, as if about to fight)"

"against a backdrop of ..." = "while, in the background of this 'picture', the scene is ...", "the environment in which the face-off is taking place is ..."

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