I want to express this idea: When the receiver is placed very near plane B, or on plane B, the noise gets disappear.

Can I write "The noise gets disappear when the receiver approaches plane B"?

"get disspear" means the noise will decrease gradually when the receiver is place near plane B. When the receiver is on plane B, the noise absolutely disappear. Can my sentence express my idea? If not, how can I write it?

thank you.
The noise gradually disappears as the receiver approaches plane B.
No, your poposed sentence does not convey the intended meaning.

You had better say;

As the receiver approaches plane B, the noise begins to fade away (gradually disappears).

I hope it helps
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Oh, I didn't see Mister Micawber's reply.

He is right, if you intend to say that the noise gradually disappears. why don't you insert in in your sentence, so you have written what you mean.

In technical terms, noise in data or voice transmission is regarded as unwanted signals which otherwise is perceived as random interference. So we use noise surpression, noise cancellation, or attenuation techniques to maintain transmission signal clarity. That being said, There are couple of variation to say this, depending on the rest the texts of your paper:

"When the receiver is placed on/ near plane B, the noise is completely eliminated/ attenuated /surpressed.

"When the receiver is gradually moved closer to plane B, the noise is greately attenuated/ reduced/ gone.