Dear teachers,

When native speakers say "can" or "can't", they sometimes speak so fast that I can't make sure if they mean can or cannot, especially in the movies. I know we can know better by understanding the context of the sentence they made. To improve it, I wonder if they have anything to do with the tone change or is there any better way to catch the correct meaning quicker?

Do you, the native speakers, also have the same problem? Please advise.

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Yuh! I had automatic logon before. I keep forgetting to sign on. The configuration somehow changed.

By the way, how did you know it's me? Emotion: big smile


Quite simple, Goodman.Emotion: smile I am a keen observer of everyone's writing style in this forum, and just by reading the sentences, I can identify the poster of the message, if the poster is a regular member of this forum.Emotion: smile
I guess my long-winded writing style gave me away. Emotion: wink