So you're walking through this dark, super dense forest. You can barely see what's going on around you, when all of the sudden you get ambushed by a tribe of savages. They want to make a game out of it, so they hang you upside down from a tree with a rope. One end of the rope is tied around your legs and the other end is nailed to the ground. They light a small candle near the end of the rope on the ground. To make things even more interesting, they find a hungry lion, place it beneath the tree, and then they leave. So the candle will slowly start to burn the rope, the rope will break, and then the lion will have you for dinner.
How are you going to escape??
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Im confused is there two ropes? Ithought you were hanging from a tree with a rope so how is it nailed to the ground?
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im guessing that the rope was nailed to the ground and then hung over a branch on the tree. the rope was then tied to the man's legs and he was therefore hanging upside down from a tree. so to escape all he would have to do is climb up the rope until he reaches the tree branch. then he would climb up the tree and hop from tree to tree untill he found some sort of civilization. (he could hop from tree to tree seeing as the forest was super dense)
The lion dies of hunger, small candle burns out, when rope snaps and you only fall a couple of inches, savages get lost in super dark forest, and you live happily ever after.
You forget that the rope was still burning and would most likely snap before he gets to the top.
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the man sing happy birtday song to lion..and then the lion will blow the candle
Sing "Happy Birthday" to the lion and (hope!) he'll blow out the candle Emotion: smile
A guess: The candle is small and it will lose its hight as it burns. So the rope may not burn...
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