Dear all

I would like to remind you all of you about the discard and binding books.

If you sit return or loan counter you may see unattractive books which is dispose or binding so you must decide and to put the box in the workroom near the new books shelf .

I have prepared for two boxes. one for dispose and the other one for binding. please do not left under the return and laon counter

thank you for your cooperation
Dear all,

I would like to remind all of you about the books for discard and binding.

If you sit at the Loan and Return counter, you may see some unattractive books which are awaiting disposal or binding. You must decide which it is to be and then put them in the appropriate boxes in the workroom near the New Books shelf .

I have prepared two boxes, one for disposal and the other for binding. Please do not leave them [do you mean the books or the boxes?] under the Loan and Return counter.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Dear Mister Micawber

Thanks for replying me

GOD bless you!

mon myat