hi,im a medical student in ireland.English is my second language.i'm having a problem with my english.it's really depressing me everyday when i go to see the patients and present my history to the consultant.I'm hardly trying to search my words when talking to the patient and when talking to the consultant.i'll be having my oral examination soon.i realy need to improve my english especially my vocabs..i have been learning english so many years but i still dont know how to master in it..i try to communicate with my irish friends but i still find it is really hard to improve my english..so anybody here,please help me..
What is your native language?

How much are you reading? And writing. I hope when you write your reports, you follow the conventions of capitalisation and spacing.

The only way to improve is constant practice. It may be that you have not been practicing your listening skills as much as you could have been doing. Part of your difficulties may also lie in the way in which the Irish pronounce their English, which can be very difficult to understand, especially when they speak quickly.

Try the exercise of writing down what you might be expected to say to the consultant, then read it aloud to yourself. Do it until you can say it easily and without thinking about it.
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I'm an asian.The problems are my grammar and my vocabs.I found it is very difficult to learn although i study many times.When im trying to talk,its all mixed up with wrong grammar and vocabs.I think i need a template for my history so that i'm not stucking in finding words anymore.Do u mind to check it for me?
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Not sure that there will be such a thing.

I suggest you write down as a list the questions you might be asked about the examination of the patient, then use these as your template for creating your verbal report.

For instance - starting from basics:

What is the diagnosis for the patient?
What was the patient's temperature reading?
What was his/her blood pressure reading?
What treatment has been prescribed?

and so on - you will know better than I do what sort of information is needed.
Your English is good.But at this movement after a long period it would be so good.The mail thing is we have to confident when we are speaking something.Its enough for any body to develop once language skill.Make a habit of watching English moves not for anything except watching formal English.We can learn how to converse and express our views in minimum words.That gives you much dignity.
You are getting my answer after 5 long years.You might be experienced all this in this mean time.Buy take care.
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I suggest you get hold of Oxford English for Careers, Medicine 1 and Medicine 2, practice in speaking, listening, reading and writing (2 separate texts 1 emphasises communication, 2 is more explicitly technical). Also obtain the teacher's manuals as these have answers and explanations. They come with cd's too for listening practice. Exercises in very pertinent (for you) English. You could also get a group together of other Medical English learners to construct dialogues in the areas being covered. These are excellent self-learning books and if you are already working in a hospital setting you can immediately put language into practice and self-correct errors.You have your ready made environment for speaking practice.

Good luck and keep at it.
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